Empty Metal Box for 12 Full / 24 Half Pans


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Empty metal watercolour boxROSA Gallery Watercolour Cases are metal boxes with two palettes of different configurations. They have a special insert for the pans and a convenient finger holder on the bottom of the case, which makes it easy to hold the paint in a hand while working. Box Sets can be carried in a bag or sketchbox easel. Now it will be convenient for you to work with ROSA Gallery watercolours both in the studio and in the open air. Main Features: • Reliability – pans are firmly fixed in the middle of the case; they do not fall out even during overturning • Versatility – pans and semi-pans of different manufacturers fit it • Convenience – it has a finger holder, which makes it easy to hold the case in your hand • Stylish design Key properties: • Three lids of the palette • Pans and semi-pans • Strong clips hold pans in two rows • Finger holder for safe stay in the hand

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