Esdee Art Print Lino


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Esdee Linoleum

Each Pack contains 2 sheets of Esdee Linoleum.  Lino Carving Blocks for printmaking have a fine, flat surface without gaps or hollows. Blocks will not warp, crack, dry out or peel. Use with oil or water soluble block printing inks.
Essdee traditional easy-cut art-print lino is specially made for carving.
Softcut is the new material for use in block cutting and printing.
The super-smooth surface makes cutting so easy, the cutter just glides through with minimum effort.
The finished block can be displayed as a work of art in its own right.
Softcut has a natural pale colour which allows you to draw and clearly see your design before you start cutting.
Softcut prints well on most papers, card and fabric. Softcut blocks are flexible which allows printing on curved surfaces they are often used for cutting stamps.

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12×8", 16×12"

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